My name is George. I've always had in interest in IT and currently work as a Payroll Development officer.

So whats going on here? Easy... I have a simple idea. That is to help people. Even if its only in a small way. Its clear to me that its getting more and more difficult to find a good and honest place to find info and get a little help, especially as the amount of crime and dodgey dealings is increasinng expeditiously.

So, the help.... it comes in the form of helpful tips, free advice, and also finding programs and places to go to help your everyday computer related problems. I would also like to help our friends of, lets say, more of a golden age, retirees and those people who don't normally get the help they need when it comes to ICT stuff. Because lets face it, in the 21st century anybody without some form of PC access, unfortunately is at a disadvantage, at least compared to those that do. We are here to help people who can't afford to layout wads of money for IT consultants or pay lots in a computer repair shop for what might be some simple solutions. Nothing wrong with a PC repair shop and it might be the only answer, but perhaps a simpler answer is available. Thats where we come in

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