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What the Hell does that mean!


Means - A measure of how much information a computer can process. Usually associated with older computer systems (works fine though!)

Alternative - a very large spanner set


Latest video resolution. This one is as least 3840 x 2160 pixels


Means - Process measurement, just like 32bit but works but can deal with information in larger chunks

Alternative - a really really big spanner set


Means - Stands for - Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. This is an alternative technology for creating flat panel displays. Usually used in Smartphones, tablets Smartwatches and Tablets. Not to be confused with something that grows in dark damp corners!

App Launcher

Means - an App (small program)  which changes how your main screen looks on your android device. Especially used for opening and managing Apps, not what you do with an phone or device which has made you angry and fired from a catapult


A Codec ( small program) which squashes down audio stuff so it can be transmitted using Bluetooth without loosing quality


Means - A measurement of how much information can be shoved through a connection at any one time

Alternative- A measurement of sticker plaster or sweat band used to look cool in the 1970's


Means - Basic Input Output System. This is a piece of software built into your Computer that connects all the vital pieces together. You can see it for a few seconds when your computer first starts


Means - A temporary space in the computer or device for storing information


A small text file stored on your computer by a website. Also, small type biscuit comes in different flavours.


Means - Central Processing Unit. Another term for a computer processor ( The main brain at the centre of your PC)


Means - To re-organise the data stored on your hard drive.


Means - dots per inch. A measurement used to judge the quality when it comes to printing something, usually a picture


Means - a file that tells windows how to work with another device. So you'll have drivers for a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

Alternative - a little hairy guy who drives a taxi or car or van. Soon to become extinct as "Autonomous vehicles" come into existence


Means - A file format popular with many E-book readers

Not to be confused as an online place to drink beer

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