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There is no rubbish or dodgey links here, there are plenty of other places for those things!  What you will find is useful tools, (usually free) and scam free links to get you to the useful stuff! There's some work to do yet here ( no kidding I hear you say!) but, to get us started here are some free bits!


AIMP 4.13 - Music Player

What system do you need - 7,8,8.1 or 10

File size - 8.9mb

Ever felt like you needed a decent looking and decent functioning Music player sitting on your PC or laptop? Better designed than iTunes and not something that's ramming subscription requests down your throat like Groove tunes? Then this might just be the answer.

Light weight and simple to use. Even as light weight as it is it packs some great features including automatic file monitoring to add files to your music library,  some great playlist management tools, free themes to download and much more. Just click on the link, download, install, enjoy :-)

What system do you need - Windows Vista, XP, 7,8,8.1 or 10

File size - 4.35MB

So what you need is a good, thorough hardware monitoring tool which is upto date with all the latest CPU & GPU technologies. Viola! HWiNFO.

It can analyse your PC in a flash and give you all the info relating to your PC's bits & pieces (components)  plus  more. It also provides realtime monitoring of processor activity, memory and more. Handy if your needing to troubleshoot, or upgrade. There are several versions of the tool so you'll need to pick the right one for your machine. Maybe download the portable version, and make sure its the latest release (in green)

Just click the logo or name to goto the download page


NASA Eyes 5.4

Price - Free

What system do you need - Windows 7,8.1 or 10

Size of file - na

This is an incredible tool created and developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs at the California Institute of Technology. It lets you virtually explore our solar system and beyond. Some describe it as the simulator of all simulators as its that good.

It's beautifully renders in 3D using current data from NASA.

The latest version was released to coincide with America's August Eclipse.

The update adds full support for 64bit systems.

It updates with the latest NASA data every time it launches.

It provides a dash board which allows you to choose an area to explore.

You can use it online or off line both experiences are impressive but online allows for the latest data updates

Novabench - test out your PC

What system do you need - 7,8,10

File size - 92.1mb

Have you ever wanted to test out your PC and see how it compares to other peoples machines?

No? How about then just knowing how brilliant or rubbish it is :-P

Well, here is a little tool to do that. Novabench is a free progam that test 4 crucial parts of your PC -

  1. processor - (CPU)

  2. graphics (GPU)

  3. memory (RAM)

  4. harddrive

You can compare these scores with those submitted by other people

The information can then help you with any decisions you are making for replacing or upgrading your machine.

Once you've downloaded and installed the program, run

Once its run you'll see some initial information about your machine.

Click start tests and it will give you an estimate of the time its going to take, usually about 3 minutes.

After all the tests are completed you'll see all the scoring information, an overall one and one for each of the categories.

Using varying choices you can now compare your system to others.

Price - Free

What system do you need - Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10

Size of file - 426mb

Few  free image editing tools let you add great filters and other effects to your photos like this one does. Can be used as a standalone program or or be intergrated into an existing image editing program. It supports Photoshop  Elements and Adobe light aswell as some others.

Requires a minor registration but then its up and running.


Price - Free

What system do you need -  Windows 7 or higher

File size - 6.9Mb

A free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows.

Every feature is designed to be quickly learnable without assistance. Has some features on board which are only usually available from big expensive packages. Many special effects are included for enhancing and perfecting your images.

Updates are free and contain new features.

Privacy Badger

What system do you need - 7,8,8,1,10 - Browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Opera

File size - n/a

Strictly speaking this is a add-on for your browser. This is a brilliant little tool which is both brilliant and terrifying at the same time. Terrifying because you really don't realise how many there are; how many of those sites are placing trackers on you and your activity. This isn't to say that a handful of these maybe useful, for advertising purposes and some are needed to help websites work, but certainly not all!

To install it just tap the slider, or tap "Add to Firefox". Once installed the little badger symbol will appear at the top right of your browser window, tap on it to see which ads have been blocked.

Resource Progress bar

What system do you need -  Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

File size - 83Kb

A tiny tool which helps you keep one eye on your PC's components in real time. The tool monitors  CPU, Ram memory, Network & Hard Drive, and the great thing is it hardly uses any memory itself. It is purely a monitoring tool and cant be used to control any of your computer systems but, it can be used to send you a warning if your computer is overworking.

There are some ads on the page, click on them or ignore.

Scroll down the page to Resource Progress Bar, then click the download link below it.

What system do you need - 7,8,8.1 or 10

File size - 1.6MB

Well, the great thing with this little tool is that more than likely you already have the main ingredient, and that's windows fire wall! However what this little tool does makes the firewall even more secure and versatile. It lets you switch between 4 different filtering modes right from your system tray, This version, version 5 also lets you display the type of connection your using. Another cool thing is that you can check IP addresses and URLs, setup keyboard shortcuts, and create custom rules which block particular programs and types of connection.

Your gonna need to install  Windows Firewall Control but its junk-free (always good) and takes up a mere 600kbs of space. If your on Windows 10 Smart-screen tries to block the installer then click 'more info', then run anyway to complete the install.

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